Dear Kitsilano alumni,                                                                                                                            May, 2012

We are very excited to inform you that at last, Kitsilano graduates and attendees can join an association to continue the fellowship we enjoyed at Kits, and at the same time, contribute to a scholarship fund  for the benefit of future graduates of our alma mater.

 Over the last few months, representatives of the classes of ’48, ’49, ’59, and ’61 have formed a committee to begin an alumni association. We have secured the name Kitsilano Secondary School Alumni Association (KSSAA) and have developed a constitution which is on its way to Victoria to be registered under the B.C Societies Act. We should be incorporated in a few weeks.

 We are now contacting as many ex-Kits graduates and attendees as possible to join the KSSAA, We are working through class reunion groups to get our message out and speed up the process of obtaining members. The principle objectives on the KSSAA are as follows:

 1)  To assist the Kitsilano Secondary School community to achieve its goals

2)  To develop a dynamic alumni association that encourages fellowship through communication and special events

3)  To promote the development of the Kitsilano Commemorative Cavalcade Scholarship Fund

 Thanks to many of you, our Cavalcade has raised over $33,000 for the scholarship fund which is held at the Vancouver foundation and administered by the staff of Kitsilano Secondary. We have many ideas of how to increase this fund and hope that you and your classmates feel strongly about joining the alumni and assisting in this worthwhile project.

 A lifetime membership is only $25 with $5 going to administration costs and $20 to the Vancouver Foundation for which a tax receipt will be issued. If a larger donation is made, $5 will go to administration and a tax receipt will be issued for the remainder. As a bonus to new members, we are offering a CD of the performance of Louis Armstrong and his All-Stars at a Kits noon hour concert in 1952. This CD cannot be purchased anywhere else and will certainly bring back fond memories of our times at Kitsilano High.

Our next meeting of the Alumni Committee will be held june 4'th, 2012 at 7:00 pm in the school library. We wold like to invite you and any others from Kits you are in touch with to come and become a charter member of our growing Alumni. Please attend. We look forward to seeing you all.

The application form is downloadable in .pdf format by clicking <here>. Please bring this completed form to the meeting or mail it to the address at the top of the Membership Application Form.


Art Bates, Interim President, KSSAA

Garth Wheeler, Director, KSSAA  (for info and questions)

Chris Atkinson, Principal, Kitsilano Secondary School